Portrait Vs. Landscape Page Setup

In the PowerPoint newsgroup we frequently receive the question, "How can I mix Portrait and Landscape slides in the same presentation?"  The quick answer is, "You can't."  There is a longer answer that includes work arounds, but that isn't what I want to discuss.

I am always tempted to ask the poster, "Why do you want to do that unless it is for printing purposes?" 

If you are printing a slide on a piece of paper and the paper is 11" X 9", it is true that you can get more printed lengthwise if the paper is in the portrait orientation then you can if you print in landscape.   However, the size and dimensions of your monitor or a projector's projected area does not change.

Let's look at screen shots of a real example.  If I want to display a page from a Word document on my slide, I would use Insert > Object > From File and it could look like this if I have my slide set to Landscape:

If I change the Page Setup to Portrait orientation, I would need to layout my slide as follows:

The actual document is smaller than the one on the landscape slide because of the room taken up by the title at the top.  If I didn't need to put any text on the slide the Word page could be the same size as on the Landscape slide, but certainly no larger.

If you would like to test the above slides on your monitor, here they are:

Landscape with Portrait Object.ppt  (63 KB)

Portrait with Portrait Object.ppt  (62 KB)




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