Looping an HTML Presentation on the Web

In this example, it will be assumed that your presentation is named C:\my_presentation.ppt and it has 5 slides.

  1. In PowerPoint, open the presentation and then go to File > Save as Web Page.  Click on the Tools icon and select “Web Options” to make your choices for browser compatibility, navigation, etc.   Under the Files tab, check the boxes next to “Organize supporting files in a folder” and “Update links on save”
  2. Save the results to a location on your hard drive, e.g., C:\HTML_my_presentation.
  3. PowerPoint will create the following:

  4. Open NotePad and then open \my_presentation_files\slide0005.htm (the last slide).
  5. Insert the following just after the <Head> tag:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1; URL=http://www.domain.com/my_presentation.htm">

Note:  http://www.domain.com should be replaced with your URL.

  1. Do a File > Save and close NotePad.
  2. Upload your presentation to your website using your normal means, and create a link from the web page of your choice to my_presentation.htm.  Remember though that once the user clicks on the link they will be in an endless loop unless you provide a means of exiting the presentation.
  3. Front Page users:  At this point you can open your disk-based web and import the \my_presentation_files folder and my_presentation.htm and create a link to my_presentation.htm.  Front Page may not allow you to access the \my_presentation_files folder or the my_presentation.htm file however.  That is why it is recommended that the editing above must be done in NotePad.


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