Convert an Animated GIF to an AVI file

You are all ready to make an Autorun CD, which uses the PowerPoint Viewer, and you have just learned that it doesn't support animated GIF's, yet your heart is set on using all of those cool animations you found.  Don't despair.  Just convert them to .avi file format. 

GIF version    AVI version      Optimized AVI 

(The Gif loops, the AVI's don't.  To see them play again you will have to Refresh this page - - don't blink or you'll miss them.)

  • Might as well tell you the ugly part, right up front!  In the case of a transparent GIF, as above left, where the background was intentionally designed to blend in with every background it was placed on, it won't work the same when saved as AVI.  The AVI format does not support transparency.

  • You'll have to do some work on the individual images of your animated GIF to ensure that the background will blend in with, or match, your slide background!  You need to optimize your GIF for the AVI format and change the background to a color that will best match your slide background.  In Animation Shop (see below) there is an easy Wizard to help you with this.  Once the GIF is optimized just save it with an .avi file extension and you're done.

  • In PowerPoint you will have to open your presentation and delete the old GIF file and insert the AVI file as a movie.  Then use Custom Animation settings to play the AVI to your liking (the AVI file will not have the built-in looping feature that the GIF had so you will need to set the object to loop.)

  • There are two easy program recommendations that I can think of, and I'll add more as I find them.

Programs You Might Use

  • There is a shareware product called GIF Construction Set which will convert a GIF file to AVI, but does not give you the opportunity to change the black background if the GIF is transparent.  However, it has lots of other fun things too, that the other products don't have, so it is definitely worth considering for only $20!  It is a very popular product.
    You can find it at


  • If you are a user of Paint Shop Pro (a very fine graphics image editor and creator) you probably also installed Animation Shop when you received it, and Animation Shop will do the job with ease.  For a tutorial on using Animation Shop see
    Animation Shop is sold separately for $39.  Paint Shop Pro with Animation Shop is a fabulous product suite for the price of $99.  This comes from the mouth of a devote Photoshop user.  I have both PSP and Photoshop - - at all times. 

  • Another product is GIF Movie Gear.  There is a fully functional nonrenewable 30 day trial version available.  After that, if you decide that you must have this product, the price is $39.95. 



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