Autorun CD Project Creator Pro V. 2.2
(Create a PowerPoint autorun CD and more)


Now uses the new PowerPoint 2003 Viewer!  


Works with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and PowerPoint 97-2003

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  1. PowerPoint Projects
    1. Creates a folder containing everything you need to burn to an autorun CD containing your PowerPoint presentations.
    2. Now you can easily include multiple linked documents (Word, Excel, and Acrobat) in your presentation.
    3. Uses the new PowerPoint 2003 Viewer.
    4. Nothing is installed on the target machines; everything runs from the CD in the Viewer, whether or not the system has PowerPoint installed.
  2. Non-PowerPoint Projects 
    1. Word Documents – You can create an autorun CD for one or more Word documents, and the documents will be seen in  the Word Viewer, included on the CD.
    2. Excel Documents – You can create an autorun CD for one or more Excel documents will be seen in the Excel Viewer
    3. Acrobat Documents –  You can create an autorun CD for one or more Acrobat PDF files, the Acrobat Reader is included on the CD.
    4. Website/HTML This project type allows you to create an autorun CD project of a PowerPoint® presentation that was saved as a web page. The presentation file types supported are .htm, .html. This project type uses the default web browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer® on a computer system to run / view the presentation. This allows your end user to view your presentation without having to install anything on the end users system.
  3. Note:  If your presentation was created in PowerPoint 2000 or 97, the audio and video won't play, due to a bug in the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer.  Microsoft has not release a fix for this bug.  However, once you purchase Autorun CD Project Creator Pro or PowerLink Plus, you can request the special fix we have created and we will send it to you.
  4. This new product has the same clear and simple user interface, includes our well-known excellent Customer Support, and has an exhaustive Help File.  All of this for only $50.  Volume pricing is available.  


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  • Trial - Autorun CD Project Creator Pro  - 6.3 MB.  This is a self-installing file.  After downloading it, double click on it and follow the instructions.  Please read the Help File.  There are two corrections to be aware of.  In section 2.3 you should download the Word 97 Viewer from HERE.  In section 2.4 you should download the Excel 97 Viewer from HERE.

  • Run the Autorun CD Project Creator Pro and read the Help File.  Create up to three projects and have fun.  If you have ANY questions or problems, please click on the email button at the bottom of this page.  We pride ourselves in the high level of customer support that we provide to everyone. 

  • Register for the Autorun CD Project Creator Pro, and you will be able to make unlimited projects!

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