PowerLink Plus 2.1


Now uses the new PowerPoint 2003 Viewer!


Runs on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and works with PowerPoint 97-2003
(Replaces Autorun CD Project Creator)

  • Now uses the new PowerPoint 2003 Viewer!  Free upgrade for registered users.

  • Verifies and repairs all of the links within your presentation and within all "nested" presentations, if present.  Links include movies, sounds, images, other presentations, and other documents.

  • Creates a useful report that identifies all links within your presentation(s), their original link and the new pathless link created by PowerLink Plus.

  • Copies of all of the files associated with your presentation are packaged to a single folder with all links converted to "pathless". 

  • Adds the PowerPoint Viewer and generates the autorun.inf file that completes the project and makes it ready to simply burn to a CD.

  • Nothing is installed on the target machines; everything runs from the CD in the Viewer, whether or not the system has PowerPoint installed.

PowerLink Plus  is now available for a Trial Download.   The Trial Download entitles you to two successful project creations with an inserted splash screen that identifies that you have not yet registered PowerLink Plus.  After two successful projects register the product ($50) to continue to use it without the splash screen.  Volume pricing is available.  

If you are currently a registered user of Autorun CD Project Creator, the cost of PowerLink Plus is $25.  Click on the E-Mail button at the bottom of this page and request information on how to obtain the Update special pricing. 


  • Trial - PowerLink Plus Version 2.1  - 4.7 MB.  This is a self-installing file.  After downloading it, double click on it and follow the instructions.  This is a free upgrade for registered users.  The download file includes the all new and free PowerPoint 2003 Viewer for your convenience. The PowerPoint Viewer runs from the CD to display your presentation and is not installed on the end user's system.  At the end of the installation, the Viewer will open, you will be asked to agree to the End User License Agreement if you haven't already, and then a brief PowerPoint presentation will open.

  • Run PowerLink Plus and read the Help File.   If you have ANY questions or problems, please use the E-Mail button below to write to me.  We pride ourselves in the high level of customer support that we provide to everyone.  Create your first project and have fun.

  • Read the End User License Agreement HERE.

 Note:  If your presentation was created in PowerPoint 2000 or 97, the audio and video won't play, due to a bug in the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer.  Microsoft has not release a fix for this bug, but we have developed the Viewer Converter which will correct it.  Once you purchase Autorun CD Project Creator Pro or PowerLink Plus we will send it to you.

Before you register, be sure that you have also tried
Autorun CD Project Creator Pro

Important Information - Please read

Processing:  Your order will be processed as soon as it is received by us from our payment processor. This usually occurs within a few hours on the same day that the order was made. However, certain factors can cause this process to take longer, such as network outages or other problems that may occur between the different networks, etc.

Refund Policy:  There will be no refunds issued on any purchase of PowerLink Plus. Therefore, you should download the trial version of PowerLink Plus and do your testing and evaluations with the trial version before purchasing the registered version of the program. If the trial version of PowerLink Plus does not satisfy your needs then neither will the registered version of the program.  ALADat and Digital Studio make no guarantee that PowerLink Plus will perform to your expectations and/or desires. It is up to you, the purchaser, to perform your testing and evaluations of the program and its abilities before purchasing this software.



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