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Newsgroup Etiquette
Newsgroup Access

Problem information form

How do I get the most out of the PowerPoint newsgroup?

- Accessibility

How to Create Accessible PowerPoint Slides on the Web

- Broadcast

Broadcast Articles in the Knowledge Base

- Browser

How to view PowerPoint file link in PowerPoint, not browser

- Graphics and Images

How can I improve image resolution when I save a slide as an image in PowerPoint 2003?
Where can I find Harvey Balls?

3D graphics in PowerPoint

Design Gallery

How do I give my Cycle Diagrams arrowheads?

Animated GIF's

Animated Gifs Look Choppy In PowerPoint

Free Templates

- KB Articles

Overview of the Office 2003 Hotfix: October 15, 2003
Keyboard impact on spell checker

hlink.dll problem

Memory Problems with Org Chart

Org. Chart - problem with privileges

Office 2000 Default States for "Install Now" Installs

Problem - create mpeg32 task_cmd is not successful

Slide Transitions

Links don't work

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Documented Shortcuts
Undocumented Shortcuts

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Quick Links
PowerPoint FAQ's page - Save it to your Favorites

Shyam's site - Our VBA guru

Geetesh's Site - A great source for PowerPoint users

QuickTime - by Geetesh

How can I create an autorun CD?

Video Conversion

Analog Clock - by Chirag

PrezGuard Pro - Protect your presentation from editing.

Rick Turoczy - Flash expert

PowerPoint for Macs newsgroup

What is OLE?

- Miscellaneous

Test for updates to Office
Uninstalling Office 97

Uninstalling Office 2000

"Powerpoint found an errror it can't handle."

Getting a KB article

Where do I store templates?

How to view a PPT 2002 presentation on Web?

Mouse disappears

Where can I find Arial Unicode font

How to run multiple slide shows

How do I tell Microsoft what I want?

How to recover a button in the Standard Toolbar

How to add a Title Master

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\POWERPNT.EXE is not a valid Win 32 application.

How to make a screen shot

Can't see white text!

How to set the View in PPT2000 to other than Normal


My menu selections have disappeared.

Registry settings for CD autorun

Relative Links

Win98/ME - CD doesn't autorun

Runtime error 76 in Autorun CD Project Creator

What version of DirectX is installed?

- Multimedia

What codecs are installed on my system?
How do I determine what codec was used when my media file was created?

Where can I find the codecs for Windows Media Player?

Active Movie

Where are the win.ini and system.ini MCI settings in WindowsXP?

How Can I remove Windows Media Player 9

How can I convert an AVI

Message: Vids:dvsd decompressor not available

Message: Cannot find vids:mjpg decompressor

PowerPoint or the Viewer Freezes

Play sounds across multiple slides


What can I use to make movies?

Movie Troubleshooter

AVI or MPG doesn't work and links are "relative"

PowerPoint to DVD

VCD, DVD, etc.


How to control volume in PowerPoint

AVI files are NOT the same.

Other good links

- Newsgroups

Microsoft Newsgroups

- Org Chart

How to re-register Org Chart
Message: The server application, source file, or item cannot be found.

Message: Unable to load MS Organization Chart, Press F1 for Help

Message: Not enough memory

Message: Any referring to GDI


How can I insert a PDF page on a slide?

- PPT2002

Organization Charts from PowerPoint 2000 Appear Different in PowerPoint 2002
FAQ's and Links

Animated GIF Bug


Office 2003 Critical Update
Locating and storing your templates

Package for CD - 2003

How to change resolution of slide exported as picture

- Producer


- Sounds

Which sound files are embedded?

PPT97 - Last track of CD won't insert

2002 - Volume control

XP - Making sound play continuously through presentation.

Pre-XP - Making sound play continuously through presentation.

Sound is out of synch on my CD

Links for educators

- Templates

How to find where templates are stored.
Legacy Templates

My Templates

- Tips and Tricks

Make a presentation from a text file
Skipped slides or jerkiness - Windows XP or Windows 2000 machines

Org Chart - Permissions problems

- Tools

Adding multiple images to presentation

- Troubleshooting

PowerPoint 2003 Viewer says file is corrupt
Can't open PowerPoint file from Outlook Express

Preventing File Corruption

Setting the viewing application for PowerPoint files on the Web

How can I replace my PowerPoint or Office CD's?

I can't view in Slide Show mode

CD's won't autorun - Windows XP Tweak UI

CD's won't autorun - Windows XP Registry

I/O Error 0 or 6

PowerPoint prints landscape slides in portrait mode (or vice versa)

R6025 - pure virtual function call

Flipped OLE shapes

PowerPoint won't run slide show

Timings in PowerPoint 97 are different when played in later versions.

My file becomes enormous when I save it as PowerPoint 97

- Tutorials

Autorun CD
Creating Single ASF Files from a Playlist

Establish "relative" links

How can I add another presentation and retain a different template?

How to create "Live Notes"

How to create a scrolling text box

How to make animation work upon return?

HyperSnap-DX for PowerPoint Users


Locating and storing your templates - 2003

Locating and storing your templates - 97, 2000, 2002

Moving and Arranging Objects

Microsoft PowerPoint and Multimedia

Package for CD - 2003


PowerLink Plus

PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

PowerPoint 2003 Viewer

Quick Tricks

Recording your PowerPoint Presentation to VHS

Selecting Objects

Sound - The Basics

Synchronizing Sound, Video, Animation, etc.

Using and Creating Templates

- Video

Record presentation to VHS
PowerPoint on TV

Jumpy video and/or audio

- Viewer

2003 Viewer - Digital certificate invalid
The new PowerPoint 2003 Viewer

New Viewer - Command Line Switches

What the PowerPoint 97 Viewer doesn't do

Mac Version


Where to find the PowerPoint 97 Viewer

- Windows 2000

Can't open Org Chart

- Windows XP

Turn Off Error Reporting

- XP

Upgrading qualifications
SP2 - Problem with OLE objects

SP-1 - Office XP

Activating "autorun" for CD drives

Viewing PPT2002 presentations on a website

What XP animations will work with the Viewer?

How to get rid of thumbnails in Insert > Picture

How to make a "rollover" button

XP - Flipped Images