PowerPoint 2003 Viewer says file is corrupt


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I recently encountered this when trying to open a file that reported that it contained Far East fonts. The file wasn't actually corrupt, but the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer reported corruption. If you have the same problem and have access to a computer that has PowerPoint installed on it, you should be able to open the file. If not, you'll need to notify the author of the file that Far East fonts are a possible problem. The author can open the file in PowerPoint and go to Format > Replace Fonts and he'll find one or more fonts with ?? (question marks) to the left - - Osaka was the culprit in the file I received.

If you're really desperate to open the file, download and install the PowerPoint 97 Viewer from http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2000/Ppview97.aspx. If the problem is as described above, you should be able to open the PowerPoint 97 Viewer and then open the file and view it.

If you plan to let the author know about the problem, please refer them to:

This presentation might contain Far East text and formats that PowerPoint can't display