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(Requires Windows XP Home or Professional)

If you place your CD in the drive and it doesn't autoplay, there could be several reasons.

  1. If the CD does not contain a file called autorun.inf in the root directory, it is not designed to autoplay.
  2. If there is a syntax error in the autorun.inf file, the CD will not autoplay.
  3. If the autorun.inf file instructs the system to open a program, but the program cannot be located in the path provided, the CD will not autoplay.
  4. If your Registry is set to inhibit autoplay on the CD drive, it will not autoplay. Right click on the CD's icon. If the word "Autoplay" does not appear in the drop down menu, the CD is not enabled for Autoplay.

If your autorun CD won't autoplay, it could be that your Registry autorun setting has been turned off. There is always a risk when you attempt to make modifications to your Registry, especially if it is an unfamiliar task. Tweak UI provides a user friendly interface to make common Registry changes with minimum risk.

Tweak UI is available for download and install from the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP web page at From the right side of the page, select and download Tweak UI to your hard drive. Then open Windows Explorer or My computer and locate and double click the TweakUI.exe file and follow the instructions to install it on your system.

To run Tweak UI for Windows XP, go to Start > Programs and locate it in the folder Powertoys for Windows XP. When you run Tweak UI you can locate the autoplay settings in the dialog window as follows:

Check the box next to your CD drive in the listing and click Apply.

Also ensure that all CD and DVD drives are set for Autoplay as illustrated here:

You can confirm that your CD drive is set to Autoplay. If the CD is already in the drive, open Windows Explorer, right click on the icon for the drive and you should see the following in the drop down menu:

Next, eject the CD, leave it in the tray and close the door. The CD will autoplay if the autorun.inf file is present on the CD and it is correctly constructed.