Make a presentation from a text file


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You can create an "instant" presentation from a text file. Use NotePad to create a text file. Left aligned text will become titles for individual slides. Other text that is preceded by one or more tabs will become bullets on the slide. Save the file and then open it in PowerPoint. In the Open dialog choose All Files (*.*) in the "Files of Type" box to see text files in the browser. Locate and select your file and click OK.

For example, a text file containing:


. . . will generate 5 slides and the second slide will have three bullet items on it.

Use Word to make it even easier. Create an outline, save it, and then open it in PowerPoint. Assign the Heading 1 style if you want a new slide with title, and the Heading 2 and 3 styles for levels of bullets on the slide. Then use File > Send To > Microsoft PowerPoint to create your presentation instantly.