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If you are accessing this newsgroup from your browser, there is a better interface available that will make your experience here more productive and helpful. Use a news reader and set up a news account for However, most news readers will automatically set up an account for you when you click on news:// There are many good news readers available and you may even already have one. The following is a partial list:

1. Agent v1.91 ($.29) or
2. Xnews vL5 (it's good and it's free)
3. MicroPlanet Gravity v2.5 (free)
4. Free Agent v1.21 (free)
5. Outlook Express 5 or 6 (included with Internet Explorer)

Also, has a great search capability that can help you search for posts that asked for the information you seek. Click on "Groups" and then on Advanced Groups Search and then be sure to put "microsoft.public.powerpoint" (without the quotes) in the newsgroup name field.

This is a text only newsgroup. Please don't include attachments when posting your question here. Nearly always your written description of the problem will be enough for us to help you. If someone wants to see your file, they will request that you E-Mail it to their personal E-Mail address. If you feel you must show us your file, please upload it to a website and give us the URL.