How to find where templates are stored.


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Here's a tip for finding the right folder for your system and operating

1. Open PowerPoint.
2. Create a new presentation (1 slide will do) using any template.
3. Go to File > Save As > select "Save as file type" = .POT file extension.
4. The lowest level sub-folder will show up in the "Save in:" box at the
top of the dialogue. Write it down and use the "up arrow" to trace the
full path. For example, on my Win XP system the sub-folder that displays is
Templates. If I trace it upward and take notes, I can build the full
default path:

a. \Templates, "up arrow"
b. \Microsoft\Templates, "up arrow"
c. \Application Data\Microsoft\Templates, "up arrow"
d. \Sonia\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates, "up arrow"
e. \Documents and Settings\Sonia\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates,
"up arrow"
f. E:\Documents and Settings\Sonia\Application
Data\Microsoft\Templates. This is the full path.

(An alternative would be to do a Start > Search for *.pot to find out where
your templates are stored. However, for me that takes a very long time
because I have 100 Gig of hard drive space to search through. Also, it
wouldn't necessarily tell me where *PowerPoint* looks for templates, since,
for reasons I won't bother to explain, I have PPT templates stored elsewhere