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(From Austin Myers)

There has been lots of confusion about why some AVI files work in PPT and others don't.

AVI stands for "Audio/Video Interleave". That is, the audio and video are
all part of the same file and the data is interleaved in the file. The term
AVI has become an almost generic term applied to "movies" when used on the
PC. (Would it surprise you to know that QuickTime files were called AVIs at
one point?)

So how do you know what type of AVI you are dealing with? Well there isn't
any apparent way of "seeing" which type of video it is. Most of the time
the file is simply named "anyname.avi" and we assume it should play in our

However there are tools available that can tell us what "type" of AVI it is,
or more specifically, what codec was used to build the file. All AVIs have
what is called the FOURCC header information. It's a small part of the file
header that tells the player which codec to use for playback of the file.

The good news is that each codec developer registers his/her codec with
Microsoft and is assign a FOURCC identifier. This helps keep some order to
the constantly changing codec scene. Here is a URL for a small program that
will read the FOURCC information and present it to you.

NOTE: This software allows the user to change the FOURCC information.
DON'T DO IT! Use the program to read the information only. Changing the
FOURCC information WILL make the file unusable!!!

I have also included a list of the FOURCC codec codes along with their
respective manufactures. The list is current as of August 1, 2001 and comes
directly from Microsoft's information files. FOURCCs are registered with
Microsoft by the vendors of the respective multimedia software technologies.

If you are unable to playback an AVI in PPT the chances are you are missing
the correct codec. After properly identifying the required codec you may
contact the developer/vendor and obtain it.

Hope this is of help folks,

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team
Compressor Code Description
ANIM Intel - RDX
AUR2 AuraVision - Aura 2 Codec - YUV 422
AURA AuraVision - Aura 1 Codec - YUV 411
BT20 Brooktree - MediaStream codec
BTCV Brooktree - Composite Video codec
CC12 Intel - YUV12 codec
CDVC Canopus - DV codec
CPLA Weitek - 4:2:0 YUV Planar
CVID Supermac - Cinepak
CWLT reserved
DUCK Duck Corp. - TrueMotion 1.0
DVE2 InSoft - DVE-2 Videoconferencing codec
DXT1 reserved
DXT2 reserved
DXT3 reserved
DXT4 reserved
DXT5 reserved
DXTC DirectX Texture Compression
FLJP D-Vision - Field Encoded Motion JPEG With LSI Bitstream Format
GWLT reserved
H260 Intel - Conferencing codec
H261 Intel - Conferencing codec
H262 Intel - Conferencing codec
H263 Intel - Conferencing codec
H264 Intel - Conferencing codec
H265 Intel - Conferencing codec
H266 Intel - Conferencing codec
H267 Intel - Conferencing codec
H268 Intel - Conferencing codec
H269 Intel - Conferencing codec
I263 Intel - I263
I420 Intel - Indeo 4 codec
IAN Intel - RDX
ICLB InSoft - CellB Videoconferencing codec
ILVC Intel - Layered Video
ILVR ITU-T - H.263+ compression standard
IRAW Intel - YUV uncompressed
IV30 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV31 Intel - Indeo Video 3.1 codec
IV32 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV33 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV34 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV35 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV36 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV37 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV38 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV39 Intel - Indeo Video 3 codec
IV40 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV41 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV42 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV43 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV44 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV45 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV46 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV47 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV48 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV49 Intel - Indeo Video 4 codec
IV50 Intel - Indeo 5.0
MP42 Microsoft - MPEG-4 Video Codec V2
MPEG Chromatic - MPEG 1 Video I Frame
MRCA FAST Multimedia - Mrcodec
MRLE Microsoft - Run Length Encoding
MSVC Microsoft - Video 1
NTN1 Nogatech - Video Compression 1
qpeq Q-Team - QPEG 1.1 Format video codec
RGBT Computer Concepts - 32 bit support
RT21 Intel - Indeo 2.1 codec
RVX Intel - RDX
SDCC Sun Communications - Digital Camera Codec
SFMC Crystal Net - SFM Codec
SMSC Radius - proprietary
SMSD Radius - proprietary
SPLC Splash Studios - ACM audio codec
SQZ2 Microsoft - VXtreme Video Codec V2
SV10 Sorenson - Video R1
TLMS TeraLogic - Motion Intraframe Codec
TLST TeraLogic - Motion Intraframe Codec
TM20 Duck Corp. - TrueMotion 2.0
TMIC TeraLogic - Motion Intraframe Codec
TMOT Horizons Technology - TrueMotion Video Compression Algorithm
TR20 Duck Corp. - TrueMotion RT 2.0
V422 Vitec Multimedia - 24 bit YUV 4:2:2 format (CCIR 601).
For this format, 2 consecutive pixels are represented by a 32 bit (4
byte) Y1UY2V color value.
V655 Vitec Multimedia - 16 bit YUV 4:2:2 format.
VCR1 ATI - VCR 1.0
VIVO Vivo - H.263 Video Codec
VIXL Miro Computer Products AG - for use with the Miro line of
capture cards.
VLV1 Videologic - VLCAP.DRV
WBVC Winbond Electronics - W9960
XLV0 NetXL, Inc. - XL Video Decoder
YC12 Intel - YUV12 codec
YUV9 Intel - YUV9
YUYV Canopus - YUYV compressor
ZPEG Metheus - Video Zipper

The following list shows the FOURCC values for DIB compression.

Compressor Code Description
CYUV Creative Labs, Inc - Creative Labs YUV
FVF1 Iterated Systems, Inc. - Fractal Video Frame
IF09 Intel - Intel Intermediate YUV9
JPEG Microsoft - Still Image JPEG DIB
MJPG Microsoft - Motion JPEG DIB Format
PHMO IBM - Photomotion
ULTI IBM - Ultimotion
VDCT Vitec Multimedia - Video Maker Pro DIB
VIDS Vitec Multimedia - YUV 4:2:2 CCIR 601 for V422
YU92 Intel - YUV