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PowerPoint 2002 allows you to specify the volume or level at which sounds added to animation
effects will play. Regardless of which level you specify, sounds will always play at the same
volume during slide show.

This is because the Application Programming Interface (API) that PowerPoint used to play sounds does not support setting the volume on a per sound basis. The sound level settings for animation effects are intended for use in presentations that are saves as Web pages and viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer since Internet Explorer does not use the same API that PowerPoint does.

Save your presentation as Web pages and use Internet Explorer to display the slide show. Check the built in help for PowerPoint and the Microsoft Knowledge Base for descriptions of other differences to expect when use Web pages and Internet Explorer to display your slide show instead of using PowerPoint.

You can work around this limitation for slide shows that are displayed within PowerPoint by using a sound utility (such as Sound Recorder which is included with Windows) to increase or decrease the volume of the sound files before you add them to your animation effects in PowerPoint.

This API limitation also prevents the volume settings from having any effect on CD Audio tracks or Movies when the slide show is viewed from within PowerPoint.

Q285570 PPT2002: CD Audio Sound Volume Settings Are Ignored During Slide Show